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The majority of heat pump systems are inverter-driven and continuously adjust their output to maintain comfort conditions. This means that if the outside temperature drops below freezing (32°F), then additional heating will be required to maintain an inside space at 60°F, even though the energy input may only raise the outside air temperature above 32°F.

Thus, during extremely cold weather, a “Freeze Protection Mode” is activated which provides auxiliary electric resistance heating; this however comes at a higher electrical cost than normal operation because it is supplemental rather than primary heat being provided by the system.

Most manufacturers provide a nameplate rating for their equipment. This is usually in the form of “tons” (1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hr), which allows sizing on an energy usage basis rather than Btu input.


However, some models offer high-temperature capability that must be considered when sizing. Please refer to your equipment manual or call us for more information on this topic.

Zoning allows you to control the operation of your heating system at a central location. A thermostat in each zone can be adjusted to meet individual comfort requirements, even when it is cold outside.


In addition, zoned systems can provide faster response times and greater efficiency because equipment capacity has been reduced by half or more.