Symptoms of a Bad Ductwork

When it comes to caring for your cooling system, your ductwork would probably be the last thing you think about. Since it’s often forgotten, it can develop leaks and other serious problems. 

So how do you know when your air ducts need repair or replacement? Watch out for these signs of trouble!

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Inconsistent or Weak Airflow

An airflow problem can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

If your air filters and vents are clogged, then it’s time to get your duct checked. Gaps or holes in your ductwork let the conditioned air leak out, causing uneven cooling and poor airflow. Let the pros diagnose the problem and see if your home needs ductwork repair in Hollywood, FL.

Dusty Home

Does your indoor space get dusty too quickly despite regular cleaning? If YES, then that’s a sure sign you have damaged ductwork. Leaky air ducts will likely be going to pick up dust and disperse it throughout your home. Unfortunately, not only can it aggravate allergies or respiratory ailments, but it can also harm your A/C system. 

Noisy Operation

Although your ductwork is usually out of sight (due to its hidden placement), it has its way of letting you know that there’s an issue. If you begin to hear a strange noise such as whistling or rattling, then that tells you it has loose duct joints or leaks. If these problems are not addressed right away, they can get worse and put your budget in a big hole.

Increasing Energy Bills

Does it seem like your home isn’t cooling enough, and yet you’re paying for a higher-than-usual HVAC bill? It can be due to your ductwork that’s leaking your money away. No matter how efficient your system is, your leaky air ducts are just spilling the conditioned air and increasing your energy usage. Be sure to reach a professional to assess if you need ductwork replacement in Hollywood, FL.

Foul Odor

It’s not new that your ductwork is a favorite hiding place of critters and mold. If it is poorly connected or insulated, mildew forms, and other pests nest inside your air ducts. As your HVAC operates, the smell of mold and droppings or carcasses is being pushed into your home. This can cause serious health problems, so make sure to have your ductwork checked right away.

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Florida’s Best Ductwork Repair & Replacement

Many homeowners fail to provide proper care for their ductwork until they experience these costly problems. Don’t fall for that mistake, and schedule a duct inspection with Air Anytime today. 

We provide professional and guaranteed ductwork installation near Hollywood, FL, and the surrounding areas. Call us at 855-823-2665.


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