Ultimate Home Comfort

Ultimate Home Comfort TM

10 Years of Low Payments and the Ultimate peace of Mind

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Compressor Single stage Single stage 2-Stage Life-Time Warranty Variable Capacity Life-Time Warranty
Blower Basic ECM Basic ECM Variable Speed Communicating Variable Speed
Advanced Dehumidification None None Climate Control Climate Control
Energy Saving from 10 SEER & PSC Motor 29-32% 33-38% 38-41% 44-50%
High-Efficient AC or HP with ECM indoor Blower
Advanced Craftman Installation
10-Years Transferable Parts and Labor Warranty
10-Years of Annual Maintenance
10-Years of Annual Indoor Coil Cleaning
10-Years of Annual Outdoor Coil Cleaning
10-Years of Annual Blower Cleaning
10-Years of Annual Condensate Drain Line Cleaning
10-Years of Service Fees
10-Years of Service Repairs

UltimateHomeComfort TM
Pricing effectiveasof 4/12/2021