5 Reasons Why Your Home’s Thermostat Malfunctions

5 Reasons Why Your Home’s Thermostat Malfunctions
Are you wondering why you do not feel comfortable inside your home even when your HVAC system is running in full-force? The culprit probably hides in your thermostat. There are some reasons why your thermostat fails to do its job properly. Some cases need professional diagnoses and repairs, so you better think twice before doing anything on your own. Check out these 5 details why you have a failing thermostat inside your home.
  1. Your thermostat is placed in the wrong location.
Is your thermostat located near a window or doorway? Is it directly heated by sunlight or near any heat-emitting appliances? If the thermostat is placed in drafty areas like near the windows and doorways, it may think that the house is colder than it really is. Similarly, if it is placed in a hot area, it may think that the home is too hot. Thermostats send incorrect signals to your HVAC system if they are placed in the wrong areas. Be sure to let your technician reinstall your thermostat in the right place for better operation.
  1. Your thermostat is dirty.
Do you know that things as simple as dust and dirt can cause your thermostat to fail? These particles can build-up in the wiring and components of the thermostat and hinder its proper setup. Cleaning the thermostat is an easy job that you can do yourself. You simply need to open up the box and wipe the dust, dirt, and residue down.
  1. Your thermostat has a power
For thermostats which are battery-operated, a drained battery is a common cause of thermostat malfunction. Be sure to check your thermostat’s batteries once in a while and provide a replacement if needed.
  1. Your thermostat has wiring problems.
Your thermostat is an electrical device made up of wiring systems. Sometimes, problems in the wiring cause it to malfunction. If you found electrical wiring issues in your thermostat, do not hesitate to call an electrical technician for expert solutions.
  1. Your thermostat is old.
Just like a man who loses his strength as he ages, a thermostat also loses its efficiency over time. Sometimes, a malfunctioning thermostat is already caused by faulty components that need to be replaced. There are lots of advanced thermostats which offer great features when it comes to savings and functionalities. Don’t be afraid to do some upgrade for your home’s control system. Your thermostat is a vital component of your home’s comfort system. Do not ever try to overlook the cases concerning this device. If you have thermostat issues which you can not handle yourself, our experts at Air Anytime can back you up. All you need to do is call us!