6 Easy Ways to Have an Energy-Saving Christmas

energy saving xmas

Christmas season is undeniably the most expensive time of the year, from buying gifts to decorating avant-garde holiday lights. Unfortunately, these traditional activities can lead to a spike in electricity bills. However, this shouldn’t always be the case all the time.

Discover how you can save on energy this holiday season with these tips from Air Anytime.

Use LED Christmas Lights

Traditional or regular Christmas lights consume a lot of energy. Switching to LED lights is more practical and useful as they use 90% less energy than the standard lights.  Even though the initial cost of LED light is higher, they are long-lasting and more durable. These bulbs don’t easily heat-up as compared to incandescent lights as well.

Limit the Use of Lights

Yes, it’s nice to see those attractive and sparkling lights beaming your house, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be on most of the time. It would be best if you turn the lights on during daylight or night hours. If you want to save on energy, then you should only turn them only at least five to six hours at nighttime.

Pull the Plugs Off

Did you know that plugged in appliances still consume electricity even when not in use? According to Energy Savings Trust, any devices or appliances plugged into the socket still consume adequate electricity. If not in use, it is best to pull the plugs off to help you save energy.

Stick to Simple Christmas Decors

Consider using decorations that don’t require you to light them up. There are many traditional holiday decors that you can use, such as nutcrackers, garlands, wreaths, and a lot more. They aren’t just inexpensive, but also beautiful decors.

Wear Warm Clothing

You don’t have to turn your furnace during the daytime. Wearing warm knitted clothing and accessories like socks, scarves, and bonnets are great ways to keep you comfortable during the day.

Enhance Your HVAC System

Upgrading your heating system is a smart idea for you to achieve that energy-saving Christmas. Buying a more energy-efficient heating system is an excellent method for you to get significant savings on energy cost.

Don’t also forget to have your HVAC system maintained and tune-up every year by an expert HVAC contractor like Air Anytime. If you need HVAC service in Oakland Park, FL and the surrounding area this holiday, don’t hesitate to contact us now