Common Air Leaks: Are They Costing Your Money?

Common Air Leaks: Are They Costing Your Money?
Did somebody tell you that sealing air leaks can save you about 30% of your electric bill’s overall cost? That’s right. Air leaks are a common problem in residential areas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but only a few homeowners are concerned about fixing them. Why? Because they may not know what the leak can cost them. Here are common air leaks in some areas of your home that are costing you lots of money without your notice.
  • Attic
Cutouts in your attic for electrical connections of outlets, lighting fixtures, and fans could be susceptible to air leaks. What you need to do is seal all electric cutouts using a latex or silicone caulk. Check your ceiling and pay special attention to the insulation and some items placed there like the ceiling fan. Make sure to seal every crack and gap.
  • Doors and Windows
Do a complete inspection of your doors and windows at home to ensure that all seals are enough. Look for any type of leak, up and down. Also, see to it that the door hinges are tight and fit well on the edges.
  • Ducts
Your ductwork system is where the heated or cooled air passes through to keep your home comfortable. The ducts run through many spaces which you might not be able to see with your naked eye. Yet, there are areas which are accessible and reachable. Carefully, inspect those areas for possible air leaks. Also, check if the joints and connections are tight. If you saw holes, seal them with mastic or any sticky metal tape.
  • Recessed Lightings
Recessed lights are possible sources of air leaks at home. The air from the outside may enter your home through the spaces they provide. If you suspect air leaks, you should immediately replace the lighting fixture or caulk it. You may also create a softbox surrounding the recessed lights.
  • Chimneys
Gaps and air leaks in the chimney are possible because of the building process. The standard rule says that there must be an inch framing for each metallic flues and two inches for the house brick. If the standard measurement is not met, then air leaks may occur. You can seal the leak by cutting out perfectly fit aluminum material and putting it exactly where it should be. Take note that air leaks result in high electric bills and less comfort at home. As soon as you notice them, immediately call the professionals at Air Anytime, LLC for help. We are always here when you call us.