Furnace Frequently Asked Questions

Furnace Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners are confused about their heating systems. When you found out that your furnace is not working, you may panic, and you do not know what to do. That’s why it is really important that you know the answer to the common furnace concerns you experience at home.

To help you, our team at Air Anytime, LLC listed below some furnace FAQs and recommendations so you can address the problems in your furnace.

  • Do I have to perform annual maintenance for my furnace?

The simplest answer to that is YES. A well-maintained furnace is way more efficient and it lasts longer than a poorly maintained one. However, you should refer to the manufacturer’s manual about the service intervals to ensure safe operation.

  • What is the best type of furnace?

The most commonly used furnaces are natural gas and electric, but in reality, the best furnace would be the one that fits your home. That’s why when purchasing a new unit, it is important to consult a professional HVAC technician as to what type of furnace will deliver the right amount of heating to your home.

  • When should I replace my furnace?

A typical unit would last between 15-18 years with proper maintenance. However, if your furnace has reached 10-12 years, you should begin to monitor its operation. Installing a new furnace is best in the warmer months but your HVAC technicians may recommend system replacement any time of the year depending on the operation of your furnace.

  • How often should filters be replaced or cleaned?

Most furnace filters would require cleaning or replacement every 3-6 months. But depending on your location and the health conditions of the people living in the house, you should check your filters monthly and provide replacement or cleaning if necessary.

  • How can I reduce my heating bill?

HVAC units are among the worst energy hogs at home. One way to save on your expenses is by pairing it up with a programmable thermostat. It will allow you to create varying temperature settings based on your schedule. It is also important that you pay attention to your home’s insulation to prevent losing dollars along with the air that escapes from your home. Lastly, choosing high-efficient furnaces will surely give you great returns on your investment.

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