Home Heating Safety Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

Home Heating Safety Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss
While keeping your home warm and comfortable in the long cold months is a necessity, our professionals at Air Anytime, LLC reminds everyone that safety should also be a priority especially when lighting fires and using heating systems. As added precautions, we have listed below some helpful tips in heating your home safely to prevent unnecessary risks and life-threatening incidents.
  1. Test Your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms
These are important components of your home, especially in the cold season. During your maintenance service, do not forget to test the smoke alarm and change the batteries of your CO detectors. Incidents of fire and the cases of CO poisoning are prevalent in the cold months. If you are notified by these alarms, leave your place right away and seek immediate help.
  1. Fire Up the Fireplace Safely
Fireplaces are good contributors to heat but can pose great danger too. That’s why if you are going to light the fireplace, be sure to use only the appropriate fuel. Use a sturdy fire guard to prevent the sparks from flying into the room. You should also use a metal bucket for the ashes. If you do not have a metal bucket, see to it that the ashes are fully cooled before placing them in the bin.
  1. Use Portable Heaters Responsibly
Portable heaters should be kept at least one meter away from flammable objects such as the curtains, rugs, and toys. Be sure to turn it off when you are leaving for work or ready to go to bed.
  1. Use Appliances as They Were Designed
In the search for additional heat, many people would even use the oven to heat an area which is a big NO NO when it comes to safe home heating. This will only intensify your energy bill and increase the risk of fire in your home.
  1. Schedule a Regular Service for your Chimney and Heating Systems
If you have a brand new heating system, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide in installing the device or better yet, hire a professional technician to do the job. If you have an existing one, do not forget to schedule your regular maintenance service to keep the unit running safely and efficiently. The chimneys should also be cleaned and inspected every year. Stay safe this cold season with these home heating safety tips from all of us here at Air Anytime, LLC. If you need more friendly advice to keep your home ready for the cold weather, feel free to reach out to our experts. Give us a call anytime at your convenience.