How To Tell If You Have A Failing Thermostat

How To Tell If You Have A Failing Thermostat
Even if you have a well-functioning HVAC system but the thermostat that controls its operation is acting up, you can never obtain the right savings and comfort you deserve in your home.  That’s why it is always necessary to check if the controls of your units are in the right condition. But how will you know if the thermostat in your home is malfunctioning? Read below and find out. A Little DIY Is Helpful! It is good to call the pro for assistance, but it’s never wrong to try and observe the situation yourself. There are some issues which do not require serious fixes and depending on the problem that you have observed in your thermostat; you might be able to solve the issue yourself. See if these signs are present in your home, then you can conclude that your thermostat needs a quick fix:
  • Check the difference between the device setting and the actual temperature.
  • Does the unit show “heat” setting when it’s supposed to be “cool” (or vice versa)?
  • See if the display is faded, irregular or flashing.
  • Dust and dirt build up in and out of the thermostat.
  • Too hot or too cold indoor temperature.
You must take note that some of these signs can also be caused by other problems in the system. So, before concluding that you have a faulty thermostat, be sure to check if your HVAC system is functioning properly. It’s Time To Examine Your Thermostat Let’s say everything is fine with your HVAC unit, now’s the time to see if your thermostat is communicating well with your system. Here are the things that you can do:
  • Set the temperature five degrees higher or lower and see if the home temperature changes. It will determine if the system receives the right command from the thermostat.
  • When was the last time you replaced the batteries? Sometimes the performance of your thermostat is compromised with old and drained batteries. Be gentle in the replacing process especially in removing the battery housing. Don’t force it off.
  • You might also want to let the professional check the interior part of your thermostat. Dust and dirt can build up over time and hinder the proper operation. There are also times that wires become loose. If you lack the knowledge and skills, let the professionals do the trick and bring your device in good shape again.
  • Is it an old thermostat that you are using in your home? Plan for an upgrade and switch to a programmable thermostat to ensure that your unit functions in peak performance.
Call The Expert! If you think you can not get your thermostat to function properly, do not be afraid to call the professional for it’s the right thing to do. No need to search far, Air Anytime is just around the corner. Let us deal with your thermostat problem once and for all! Call us today!