HVAC Diagnostic Checklist: How Air Anytime Works

HVAC Diagnostic Checklist: How Air Anytime Works
The moment you found out that your HVAC system in Fort Lauderdale, FL is not running properly, you need a professional HVAC diagnostic service to figure out the cause of the problem. Our professionals at Air Anytime can help.

Air Anytime: HVAC Diagnostic Checklist

Here’s a list of things that we check during an HVAC diagnostic service:
  • Outdoor/Indoor Unit Installation Errors

We’ve had a lot of service calls to fix problems caused by poor installation. This is especially true for units installed by fake technicians and unreliable companies.
  • Air Circulation Around the Condenser

Homeowners forget that the outside unit needs enough space to function properly. We sometimes cover the system or let plants grow and suffocate it.
  • Condensing Coil Blockage

When the coils are blocked by dust and dirt, they won’t be able to remove as much heat from the refrigerant that flows in them.
  • Compressor Damage/Overheating

An HVAC diagnostic service can identify if your compressor needs immediate repair. This can help prevent major issues from taking place.
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection

Refrigerant leaks affect the safety of your home and the proper performance of your system. It can cause poor comfort and damage the environment as well.
  • Electrical Wiring Inspection

Among the most common HVAC issues are wiring problems. These are usually caused by old and burnt out cables, or rodents chewing the wires and cause electrical malfunctions.
  • Heat Pump & A/C Switches and Controls

Your thermostat plays a crucial role in the performance of your unit. Issues like improper installation, bad location, and mechanical issues can cause the thermostat to send wrong commands to your HVAC system.
  • Duct System Defects

Most of the energy you waste happens in the duct system, especially if it’s old, damaged, or worn out. Dirty and broken ductwork usually causes high energy bills and poor indoor air quality. Other concerns like leaky A/C air handler, mold growth, blower fan assembly, and fan failures are also checked during an Air Anytime diagnostic service. Do you need a fast and reliable service for your heating and cooling system in Fort Lauderdale, FL? Set an appointment with our experts at Air Anytime today!