Signs That Your Ductwork Needs Repair

Signs That Your Ductwork Needs Repair

Air ducts are an essential component of your heating and cooling unit. They serve as a pathway to transport conditioned air throughout your home. However, homeowners often forget to take care of them, which put their health and home’s comfort in jeopardy. To help you prevent this unwanted situation, here are the signs that your ductwork needs repair.

Uneven Temperature

Do you feel hot and cold spots within your home? It can be caused by a thermostat problem, poor insulation, or ductwork issue. This uneven temperature indicates an obstruction of airflow, so make sure your vents are not clogged with dirt and other debris or blocked by furniture. Schedule an appointment with the pros to diagnose the problem and provide you a quick fix.

Disturbing Sounds

If you hear squealing, humming or other disturbing noises when you use your A/C, it’s another warning sign of an immediate ductwork repair. Your air ducts could be damaged or clogged with dirt, mold, and other pollutants. Other possible causes are airflow problems, loose belts, defective fan motor, or damaged components in your HVAC unit.

Unusual Odors

Is your HVAC system producing unpleasant smell every time it operates? These unusual odors can be caused by mold growth, electrical problem, or dead animals stuck in your air ducts. Consequently, it negatively affects your indoor air quality, putting your health in peril. In case like this, what you can do is get your ductwork inspected, cleaned, and serviced regularly with certified technicians.

Unbelievable Energy Consumption

There are several reasons contributing to your unbelievable energy consumption. Some of these culprits are ductwork issues such as damaged, disconnected, or poorly designed system, resulting in air leaks and inefficient A/C unit. This problem with your air ducts is not something that can be easily fixed by duct tapes. You need the experts to stop your skyrocketing electric bills and bring back your home’s comfort, ensuring your system’s efficiency all year round.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow is another sign of a ductwork problem. Animal wastes, mold, and other pollutants can clog your air ducts. Leaks are also a factor that affects your indoor temperature, why your home is not cooling or heating enough as it should be. You can identify what’s causing it by checking all the vents. See if there are variations or pressure differences. Moreover, one smart way to improve your airflow is modifying your ductwork system such as changing grill sizes, adding vents, or using different filters.

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