Ways to Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs This 2020


Just like your car, your HVAC system requires extra care and attention to function properly. Working too long without maintenance or tune-up makes your system more prone to failure and break down. Not to mention, an inefficient system uses up too much energy and can quickly eat away at your savings.

At Air Anytime L.L.C, we aim to provide comfort and peace of mind that you need every minute of the day. Keep reading to learn how to keep your HVAC in peak condition and prevent costly repairs in three (3) easy steps!

First, Pay Attention

As a homeowner, you must pay close attention to your HVAC system. Monitor its performance, familiarize yourself with how it works, and stay alert for odd noises or smells. Anything that’s strange in your system means that there’s a problem somewhere that needs an immediate solution.

The moment you notice any irregularities on its operation and performance, contact your HVAC contractor for help! Address issues before they get worse to prevent bigger problems and costly repairs.

Next, Keep It Clean

As much as you want everything in your home clean and in order, your HVAC system won’t allow it particularly if it’s not regularly maintained. No matter how often you clean, there will always be room for dust and dirt to sit in. This is true especially if the filters are dirty and clogged.

Keep everything in your comfort system clean—from air filters and vents to outdoor units. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the air to flow throughout your home.

Replace your air filters every 30 to 90 days, as advised by the experts. But if there are more people in the household or if you live with pets, it’s best to check the filters every month and change them whenever necessary.  

If you own a duct HVAC, vacuum the vents more often to keep dust and dirt from building up and obstructing the airflow. Remember to periodically check the airflow and make sure to keep your furniture and other household items away from vents.

Your system’s outdoor unit is equally important as the indoor unit, so it is necessary to ensure it’s free of debris, twigs, and leaves. Make sure to give the unit enough space to operate by at least three feet.

Last, Get a Maintenance Plan

Getting an HVAC Maintenance Plan is a wise move to start the year. You can enjoy its benefits throughout the year with your system regularly inspected and tuned-up.  Make sure that you never miss out on taking care of your system. Learn more about the benefits of a maintenance plan. Click here.

Contact Experts Today!

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