Quality AC Maintenance in Weston, FL

It’s no secret that routine air conditioning maintenance helps keep the equipment in its best shape for the years to come. If you’re planning to schedule an AC maintenance in Weston, FL, make sure to rely only on the most qualified specialists. The team of experts at Air Anytime has been providing comprehensive maintenance services for all types and ACs for years, so you can be sure your equipment is in good hands. 

AC Maintenance Weston

What Does AC Service Include?

Wondering what you’re paying for when you schedule an AC maintenance in Weston, FL?  The answer may vary depending on your needs and budget, but here are some of the most common services associated with an AC tune-up:

  • Inspecting all or some of the system’s components
    Your technician will thoroughly inspect your AC unit no matter what service you schedule.  This visual inspection is important because it allows the tech to identify any areas that may need attention or repairs.  However, if you schedule a standard AC tune-up, the tech will likely only inspect some of the system’s components.  On the other hand, a premium tune-up will include a more thorough inspection of all system components.
  • Cleaning the system’s components
    Dirt and dust tend to accumulate in air conditioners over time. Dirt and dust always harm the equipment, so when you schedule a tune-up, the tech will clean all or some of your unit’s components.  This cleaning helps ensure optimal AC performance and longevity.
  • Replacing the system’s filters
    Your technicians may also replace your air conditioning filters upon your request.  Many people like to schedule a filter replacement when their AC unit is serviced because it’s a good way to keep the system running efficiently.  However, you don’t necessarily need to replace your filters every time you have your AC serviced.
  • AC maintenance in Weston, FL
    Refrigerant is a key component of any air conditioning system, and it needs to be at the right level for the system to function properly.  During an AC maintenance in Weston, FL, your technician will check the system’s refrigerant level and replenish it if necessary.
  • Testing safety controls
    Your air conditioner can be a safety risk. To help prevent accidents, your technician will test the system’s safety controls during a tune-up.  This testing helps ensure that the system can be operated safely.
  • Calibrating thermostat
    Thermostats can sometimes become a little off and fail to read the temperature accurately.   As a result, your air conditioner may not operate as efficiently as it could.  During an AC tune-up, your technician will calibrate your thermostat to help ensure accuracy.
  • Tighten loose electrical wiring
    Any problem with your electrical wiring can compromise your system’s performance and put you, your property, and the equipment at risk. That’s why it’s important to have any loose electrical wiring fixed as soon as possible.  When you schedule an AC tune-up, your technician will check for loose wiring and tighten it as necessary.

Schedule AC maintenance in Weston, FL Today!

Some of the above mentioned tasks may seem simple enough to do on your own. However, it’s always best to leave AC maintenance to highly-trained technicians. Not only will they have the knowledge and experience to do the job right, but they’ll also have the tools necessary to service your system properly.

If your AC unit needs a tune-up, don’t hesitate to schedule AC maintenance today! At Air Anytime, our team of AC experts is standing by to help you keep your system running smoothly all year long. We offer quality AC maintenance in Weston, FL and the surrounding areas. If you wish to save some bucks, we have an affordable maintenance program that will suit your needs and budget.

Please feel free to call our team at 855-823-2665 today to learn more.



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