Amazing Benefits of Air Purifiers and How They Work


In the past, we have believed that air pollution is something that can be found only outside the house. Anything that gets in the air like smoke, dust, and dirt are contributors to air pollution—whether you’re inside or outside of your home.

The truth is that your indoor air can be more polluted than the outside.  

Because of airtight modern home designs, indoor irritants and allergens have become much more dangerous today. That’s why the promise of a cleaner and healthier air from air purifiers have become more enticing.

Throughout this blog, you’ll discover the benefits of air purifiers and how they work. Read on to learn more.

First, know what they are and how they work

By definition, air purifiers usually consist of a filter or multiple filters, and a fan that sucks in and circulates air. They are devices that remove contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality.

As air moves through the filter, irritants and allergen particles are captured, and the clean air is pushed back into your living space. They are made of paper, fiber (often fiberglass), or a mesh, and require regular replacement to maintain efficiency.

But, how frequent you will have to change filters depends on the type and usage. Some air filters are reusable and washable, but they require thorough cleaning and strict maintenance every time. You can opt for an ultraviolet (UV) filters if you have concerns with biological impurities like mold or bacteria, but it may require frequent maintenance.

Next, find out some of the benefits of Air Purifiers

According to EPA, indoor air is two to five times dirtier than the outdoor air—and sometimes up to 100 times more polluted. Exposure to pollen, dust, dander, and other airborne particles can cause long-term respiratory and health issues for you and your family.

Air purifiers help neutralize smoke and remove unpleasant odors from cooking and drying clothes. They help trap smoke before it spreads throughout your home.  But, they don’t only clean the air; they also help get rid of odors.

Because air contaminants easily accumulate over time, it is effective and convenient to use air purifiers to trap dust and airborne allergens. By cycling the air in the room repeatedly through internal filters, an air purifier can remove up to 99 percent of these airborne pollutants. Using an air purifier in your home gives you the confidence that your IAQ health is in good shape for years to come.

Lastly, get one for your Fort Lauderdale, Florida home

Before you do, let us remind you that air purifiers are not a cure-all device. The benefits that air purifiers offer may vary depending on how you use it or what type of purifier you have in your home.

At Air Anytime L.L.C., we provide air purifiers that are designed to meet your exact IAQ needs. Because your comfort is our priority, we do our best to serve you with honesty and excellence every step of the way. Whenever you have questions or inquiries for your home’s comfort, don’t hesitate to speak to us anytime.